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Jade L Photography

Capture moments that make memories

The memories we have are the images of the mind, and usually they’re from actual images we remember.

Sometimes, we have a memory of what was around the images. A time, place, experience, a feeling. 

Too often we find ourselves looking into a memory and not also captured within it.

Take your memories beyond a selfie, and bring your memories to life in a whole new light.

Jade can make your memories alive! 

Tell Your Story With More than Words

A picture is known to capture a thousand words. What if it could also hold a million more..

Be a part of the story and be in the picture to share the memory with your family and friends.



Be part of the memory not just behind it

Each precious moment in life is something that we should treasure. Be part of the treasures and not just the 

Take Your Images to the Next Level

While your phone and digital cameras are likely a decent tool to start with, advancing to professional equipment in the hands of an artist will take your story to the next level.

Everything You Need In One Place


Photos and digital copies of all your memories, events, needs and more. Explore the Gallery to see more.

Books, Prints & More

We can assist you with creating hard copies and keepsakes of your treasured images.

Photo books, calendars, canvas prints, and much more. Contact me for more information. 

Video & Motion

Great images will capture motion and action, however I can also create video for those big moments. 

Event Photography

Birthday Photography

Family Photography

Happy Clients

“Her photos are breathtaking. They capture the essence of what the children are and what they’re experiencing in life. Pure magic!”

Margaret D

Family Photography

“Jade’s photos are next level. She sees the world with the eyes of a parent, and captures them with the mastery of an artist.”

Meaghan M

Childrens Photos

“I take thousands of photos and thought I was getting some good photos. Then I saw Jade’s… WOW! She is brilliant and effortlessly captures the moments.”

Joel W

Event Images

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Build Memories, Beautifully.

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Ready to capture experiences?

Jade L Photography

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